vrijdag 17 april 2009

Prrrr Prrrr

Imagine you are a girl, a girl that doesn't care about cars, a girl that doesn't like to fly around in a big big big mount because she thinks she'll break everything she encounters. A girl that refuses to drive any car bigger then a Volkswagen Polo irl because she thinks she'll break everything she'll come across. A girl that loves to heal and hates to do a boss fight without it.

Imagine you are that girl and then try to imagine her in a Demolisher during the first boss fight in Ulduar. Imagine even harder. Naah not even close. Try harder. You fail.

I failed as well. That big rusty masculine Demolisher couldn't exactly make me happy. I hated it. My first 25-man Ulduar started painfully. Yes. I will be very happy if I never ever have to drive a Demolisher again. But I guess I don't really have a choice, so next time I will keep myself happy! Be prepared my lovely guildies, because this will fill our ears at teamspeak during the whole fight.

And you know that you want to sing along <3

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