vrijdag 15 mei 2009

brb :)

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t updated this weblog for a while. A lot has happened since. I entered a writing competition, where I didn’t make the last 30, but I did discover how much I enjoyed it to write my little stories in Dutch again. How much easier I could play with words, that could stop time and write a ‘slow’ story about it. So I started a Dutch weblog about a month ago: fairyinabottle.blogspot.com. I know that most of you can’t read that blog. I wish I could write those things in English as well, but that’s something for the future. But I will update this weblog irregularly. I promise ;)

Oh btw!
Elfje finally got her babydeer! The ubercute babytree and a walking pink flower joined my pet collection and got me to the number of 75 pets!

And I did get the mount from Hc MGT at elfje, the chocobo, the beautiful white bird. My guildie, who lost the roll from me, almost killed me.. But it’s worth it!

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