vrijdag 15 mei 2009

brb :)

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t updated this weblog for a while. A lot has happened since. I entered a writing competition, where I didn’t make the last 30, but I did discover how much I enjoyed it to write my little stories in Dutch again. How much easier I could play with words, that could stop time and write a ‘slow’ story about it. So I started a Dutch weblog about a month ago: fairyinabottle.blogspot.com. I know that most of you can’t read that blog. I wish I could write those things in English as well, but that’s something for the future. But I will update this weblog irregularly. I promise ;)

Oh btw!
Elfje finally got her babydeer! The ubercute babytree and a walking pink flower joined my pet collection and got me to the number of 75 pets!

And I did get the mount from Hc MGT at elfje, the chocobo, the beautiful white bird. My guildie, who lost the roll from me, almost killed me.. But it’s worth it!

vrijdag 17 april 2009

Prrrr Prrrr

Imagine you are a girl, a girl that doesn't care about cars, a girl that doesn't like to fly around in a big big big mount because she thinks she'll break everything she encounters. A girl that refuses to drive any car bigger then a Volkswagen Polo irl because she thinks she'll break everything she'll come across. A girl that loves to heal and hates to do a boss fight without it.

Imagine you are that girl and then try to imagine her in a Demolisher during the first boss fight in Ulduar. Imagine even harder. Naah not even close. Try harder. You fail.

I failed as well. That big rusty masculine Demolisher couldn't exactly make me happy. I hated it. My first 25-man Ulduar started painfully. Yes. I will be very happy if I never ever have to drive a Demolisher again. But I guess I don't really have a choice, so next time I will keep myself happy! Be prepared my lovely guildies, because this will fill our ears at teamspeak during the whole fight.

And you know that you want to sing along <3

woensdag 15 april 2009

About 2 hours left

This is a day that I should love because it brings me new things, but those new things bring me trouble aswell: Like waiting hours for the download to finish, (60 minutes = 40%) and the fact that my addons won't work after, which means that I have to find out all over again how to get the right addons and how installing it works. I am not great with computers. All the teachers that tried to teach me things like flash, dreamweaver and HTML will nod sad now. Once I actually did something right, the teacher that stood already behind me to help, saw that I succeded myself, walked away and said to himself: 'So she is actually not that stupid'.

Which he didn't mean to say out loud. I hope.

maandag 13 april 2009

Snaaaaaarly <3

Never in my life I have been so happy with a bucket. Thé bucket! Mr fishingdaily was so kind to hand me the fishing bag with Snarly :D Snaaaaaaaaaarlyyyy <3

It sounds to cute! Snarly makes me think of Charlie the Unicorn, so gonna name this cutiepie Snarly Charlie. Snarly Charlie is number 69, so he will make lots of friends and his fellow babycrocs Muckbreath and Chuck will be very happy to share their buckets with him! (you know sleepovers)

Some silly puppet looted a Oozeling today and put it on auction house for 10.000 gold :( He is to lucky! I have looted about 300 bags which could contain the Oozeling, but let's not talk about it anymore. It hurts to much :'(

Oh and: Happy 2nd Easterday!

zondag 12 april 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

That's all? Yes that's all, but if you insist:
Principessa dinged 70 and is now the happy owner of a phoenix pet!
Happy easter!

vrijdag 10 april 2009

Tok tok yay!

Yay! Feralas was finally kind to me! I went there yesterday or the day before to murder some mobs for my oox thingie and it only took 5 mobs to get it! Happy Elfje! Or I guess that it should be happy Principessa since I looted the Oox on her, but anyway the puppet in Booty Bay gave me the Mechanical Chicken and then Principessa wasn't lucky anymore because I mailed the Mechanical Chicken to my Elfje <3 So logged quickly to her and looted it from the mailbox! Vanity Pet ding 68 :D

But then the hard part started. How to name my cute little rusty pet? I named so many pets that there are hardly any nice names left. Someone suggested to call it 'Pink' but thats the name for my Cobra Hatchling and they are all individuals ofc, so can't name them the same. You don't want a Mechanical Chicken and a Cobra Hatchling to start a fight because of a name. Then they came up with 'Pinkie'.. Eh hello that's the cute nickname for 'Pink' the Cobra Hatchling. They really didn't get my point..

But then someone saw the light! Or he didn't. How should I know? I mean I am like a lot of miles away ( I hope), but anyway he said: Call it 'Irony'! So my rusty Chicken is now called 'Irony' <3
What's in a name..

woensdag 8 april 2009


Malygos didn't like the 25 of us yesterday, he wasn't very willing to die and murdered us two times before he shapeshifted into a blue heart. The best part is always the last fase, we always try to grouphug and you are doing a good job when you can't see a thing, but when do you see enough nothing?

'Follow the blue square!' Sounds pretty safe, but how will you do that, when you can't see a thing?

I always try to move left, when to others move left, but then I don't feel safe about my spot and move more to the left, then I realise that I can see things when I don't need to see things, so I move back while the others are again moving to the left, which leaves me to the right of them, so I fly back to the left, but then I feel insecure again and so on and so on..

A few strange things happend aswell: I rolled 94 for an uncontested item, so I did win an epic, but the most confusing part was the conversation between some males about some other males sword.. My favorite part was when we created a new nickname for a guildie: Ambobo! <3

Ring ring..