maandag 13 april 2009

Snaaaaaarly <3

Never in my life I have been so happy with a bucket. Thé bucket! Mr fishingdaily was so kind to hand me the fishing bag with Snarly :D Snaaaaaaaaaarlyyyy <3

It sounds to cute! Snarly makes me think of Charlie the Unicorn, so gonna name this cutiepie Snarly Charlie. Snarly Charlie is number 69, so he will make lots of friends and his fellow babycrocs Muckbreath and Chuck will be very happy to share their buckets with him! (you know sleepovers)

Some silly puppet looted a Oozeling today and put it on auction house for 10.000 gold :( He is to lucky! I have looted about 300 bags which could contain the Oozeling, but let's not talk about it anymore. It hurts to much :'(

Oh and: Happy 2nd Easterday!

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