woensdag 8 april 2009


Malygos didn't like the 25 of us yesterday, he wasn't very willing to die and murdered us two times before he shapeshifted into a blue heart. The best part is always the last fase, we always try to grouphug and you are doing a good job when you can't see a thing, but when do you see enough nothing?

'Follow the blue square!' Sounds pretty safe, but how will you do that, when you can't see a thing?

I always try to move left, when to others move left, but then I don't feel safe about my spot and move more to the left, then I realise that I can see things when I don't need to see things, so I move back while the others are again moving to the left, which leaves me to the right of them, so I fly back to the left, but then I feel insecure again and so on and so on..

A few strange things happend aswell: I rolled 94 for an uncontested item, so I did win an epic, but the most confusing part was the conversation between some males about some other males sword.. My favorite part was when we created a new nickname for a guildie: Ambobo! <3

Ring ring..

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