vrijdag 10 april 2009

Tok tok yay!

Yay! Feralas was finally kind to me! I went there yesterday or the day before to murder some mobs for my oox thingie and it only took 5 mobs to get it! Happy Elfje! Or I guess that it should be happy Principessa since I looted the Oox on her, but anyway the puppet in Booty Bay gave me the Mechanical Chicken and then Principessa wasn't lucky anymore because I mailed the Mechanical Chicken to my Elfje <3 So logged quickly to her and looted it from the mailbox! Vanity Pet ding 68 :D

But then the hard part started. How to name my cute little rusty pet? I named so many pets that there are hardly any nice names left. Someone suggested to call it 'Pink' but thats the name for my Cobra Hatchling and they are all individuals ofc, so can't name them the same. You don't want a Mechanical Chicken and a Cobra Hatchling to start a fight because of a name. Then they came up with 'Pinkie'.. Eh hello that's the cute nickname for 'Pink' the Cobra Hatchling. They really didn't get my point..

But then someone saw the light! Or he didn't. How should I know? I mean I am like a lot of miles away ( I hope), but anyway he said: Call it 'Irony'! So my rusty Chicken is now called 'Irony' <3
What's in a name..

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