zondag 5 april 2009


Spent 30 minutes in Feralas to convince the mobs there to drop the 'OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon' for me, but they refused again and my Principessa left emty handed. I did about all quests in Feralas at the right level but I kept being unlucky, which is sad, since it's the only one that I lack for the mechanical chicken. Would love to adopt that one on Elfje! Will be continued..

Ding! Principessa is a level 68 shadowpriest now: yay! Still not looking forward to Northrend so she is growing up in Netherstorm now. (Love it that Netherstorm is so purple)

Went on Elfje to Zula'man with my lovely guildies in a try to get the Mojo frog. And guess what! I was unlucky again! (yes no happy end today) Got my hands on 3 Amani Hex stick, but they gave me food, a charm and another charm, very charming but I rather have a pet!

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