woensdag 1 april 2009


If you are wondering: yes this is me, it's Elfje! My lovely critterloving Tree and I guess that Pengu is hiding behind her <3 Elfje is my main, my level 80 resto druid. I am leveling a babyshadowpriest atm and I got a lock stuck at 70.

I would love to thank my guildies for my increasing number of critter kills, since it's a sport for them to kill as much critters as possible while being in group with me 'They sound cute when they die' is the main excuse for some.. But I got to love critters and collect vanity pets, got 67 atm.

Love being told a story or to hear someone sing on ts. But I love telling stories myself aswell so that will be the use of this blog. Stories about a fairy called Elfje.

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